CLUB No. 50742


Members of the club


1) G. Subba Reddy  Charter President & Pulse Polio
2) G. Rama Reddy  Club Information & Public Relations
3) K. B. K. S. Ramesh Reddy  Health and community services
4) N S S  K. Bhaskar  Treasurer & Child welfare
5) N. Vivekanadha Reddy  Vocational Services & Rotary Foundation
6) K. Lakshmana Rao  International Services
7) S. Govinda Ramu  Water- Management & Literacy
8) G S S Prasada Reddy  Games & Spots
9) K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy  Family of Rotary Services
10) N.N.Vara Prakash   Secretary
11)D.T. Srinivasa Reddy   President

Rotary Volunteers

1)  S.Srinivasa Sastry  
2)  K.H.V. Prasad Reddy  
3)  G. Lakshmana Reddy.  
4)  G. Satyanarayana Reddy  
5)  K. Sathi Reddy  
6)  K. Srinivasa Reddy  
7)  K. Satish Reddy  


D.T.Srinivasa Reddy



     Proposed Club Activities & Reports

N.N. Vara Prakash




  • We are planning to conduct a talent test for 6th to 10th class people and
  • We are planning to conduct night classes in slum areas to encourage the  literacy rate in slum areas.
  • We are planning to distribute lesson Books to Poor pupil.


         We are planning to release pamphlets about Rotary Services, and explaining the Excellency of membership and try to Increase the club members.

        60th Independence day celebrations    

         It is a month of water borne diseases so to create awareness we are planning to release a pamphlet to create awareness. 




  • We are planning to conduct cookery competition for ladies.
  • To develop leadership skills in youth we are planning to conduct debate competition.
  • Essay writing and drawing competition will be conducted
  • Quiz competition will be conducted at school and college levels.
  • On September 5th we will conduct a felicitation program to a renowned teacher.
  •  We are planning to conduct career guidance program to youth



  • We are planning to release a pamphlet on safety measures to be taken at working places in the nearby factories ,etc.
  • We are planning to conduct a felicitation program to a renowned person in a particular field.
  • We are planning to conduct an awareness program on new acts like, VAT,etc.


  • We will distribute pamphlets informing the Rotary International achievements like Polio eradication and other programs and pray the public to donate some little amounts to Rotary.


  • We are going to arrange a picnic in tribal area, along with the family members of the Rotarians.
  • As a part of the above event we are also going to study their tradition and customs and try to eliminate superstitious beliefs.


  • We are planning to conduct a public meeting explaining the Rotary activities to the community.
  • We will try to make all our members and their families to attend the District Conference.


  • On February 23rd we are planning to conduct a meeting involving the college and school people to create awareness about World understanding and peace.


  • On March 22nd we are planning a procession to create awareness on World Water  Day
  • we are planning a meeting involving local farmers and water consumers to explain Water Management techniques.
  • On the same day we are planning to provide a safe drinking water system to local schools.


  • On April 22nd we are planning a procession to create awareness on World Earth Day and release pamphlet to reduce pollution.


  • We are planning to provide cool and safe drinking water to the public at Maruteru center.


  • We are planning to conduct clean and green program.

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